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Fusion is the best way to describe Mumtaz Hussain's work, which includes elements from his native country of Pakistan, as well as his current life in New York. His work blends European and American influences, and seeks to reflect its own new culture which struggles with and at the same time exalts visually rich and beautiful ancient art. Springing from his own South Asian heritage, Hussain's work spans centuries of evolution, from ancient archaeology to traditional South Asian calligraphy to modern mixed media. It straddles the cultural divide that separates the East from the West by drawing inspiration from artistic traditions of his homeland as well as Cubism and Impressionism in particular and a synthesis of European and American modernism in general.

East does indeed meet West, to beautiful effect.

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Modern Mystic

Invoking the Islamic tradition of poetry as visual expression, this collection combines traditional calligraphy and images from Sufi poetry.

This series of paintings, steeped in references to Mughal miniature paintings and Sufic verse, brings together aspects of Hussain's own cultural heritage -- and although the strands are diverse, the appropriated imagery converges into a harmonious abstract fabric. The use of color and materials, while in keeping with Eastern tradition, has resonance with abstraction in twentieth century American and European art. The direction of this series embraces Hussain's handling of subject and material with a surprising and direct use of graphic composition.

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This new series is based on Mumtaz's recent film art=(love)2. These painting are part of the film script.

Painting becomes the process of searching and using art as a tool to find an artist happiness...and lost love.

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In addition to the many paintings, Hussain is inspired by the medium of sculpture as well.

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The Soul of Civilization

The Esoteric gives way to the Universal

This series of paintings, called collectively The Soul of Civilization and completed in summer of 2002, continues the artist's fascination with language and history, but at a more fundamental, archetypal level.

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